Always a Boogeyman


There must always


a boogeyman


Invisible, far away


lurking nearby


Because Fear is always

the best



To herd the sheep









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Ain't that the truth!  Very

Ain't that the truth!  Very astute observation, in your poem, which both ancient and recent History bear out.  Ironi:  Lenin and his thugs came to power because the people feared the Czar; and Mussolini, and his imitator, the housepainter, and their thugs came to power for fear of Lenin's Bolsehviks.  I have heard that the fear of Jack the Ripper even came near to toppling Lord Salisbury's government under Queen Victoria (we know she scolded both the PM and the Police Commissioner for not---in her opinion---doing enough to contain the problem).  I think the case could be made that even the Snake in Eden played hob on the misguided fear of the two naked knuckleheads who were living there.

Starward becoming J-Called

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too many dedicated loyal laborers


Like Boxer, the horse in Animal Farm – many buy into it, unquestionably. And hence, the system continues to churn.