How long can you run on



How long can you run on – challenging the chalice of God?


Impoverishing the many – to enrich the few?


Empowering the small minority – while disenchanting the vast majority?


Siphoning everything – from the bottom up, at an exponential pace.


How long can this really continue – in the sight of God?


Before He actually acts – to strike you down?







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There is something quite

There is something quite fearful about injustice that irks the great Avenger. And when that day comes we shall all of is be held to account. Thanks for sharing this timely and needed poem.

here is poetry that doesn't always conform

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The plunge will come quick


The bow is already slipping beneath the waves. The plunge will come quick.

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A stunning way to illustrate

A stunning way to illustrate the unsustainable and egregious inequality we're witnessing. History shows that runaway greed and widespread injustice sooner or later (and often sooner than later) bring down rulers and empires. In the case of hypercapitalism, which is an oligarchy, not a true democracy, the end stage is a catastrophic rift between the rich and the poor, social unrest and finally destruction. 


A beautifully composed and chilling tribute to the song that is painfully relevant today.  

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The surface illusions are dissolving


 Everywhere you look at the world now, it just seems like the paint is peeling off the wall.

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It certainly does. Great way

It certainly does. Great way to put it! 

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what’s coming down the pipe


You know what’s coming down the pipe. It’s unavoidable at this point. Too many people stopped caring. That’s all it takes.