the cobbled road



The entire universe


a love letter from God


He is saying, to each and every

one of us,

You are my children


The song of the spheres


all about cosmic architecture


The patterns of Nature, are the


symmetry of God’s fingerprint


The golden ratio, laid between

stepping stones

is a cobbled road, leading us home








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Just as the universe is a

Just as the universe is a "love letter from God" this metaphysical marvel is a translation of His message, His very Being, which is our being, and that's no small accomplishment. You touched upon the breathtaking tools of His creation—His "cosmic architecture" as you so profoundly put it: the music of the spheres and the Divine Proportion. Sound and mathematics. But that's not all . . .


What truly seizes the heart in true poetic finesse in this mind-bending crystallization of truth is that the essence of All That Is and the foundation of literally everything is love. "The symmetry of God's fingerprint" upon the blade of grass and the farthest nebula is the same signature of love, and that is so deeply moving, so transporting, I just can't begin to congratulate you. 


The spirit's view of wider reality. 

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The Hutchison Effect & Cymatics


The fingerprints are everywhere – from the microscopic to the macroscopic, and even the subatomic. But it goes, even well beyond this… into the very way energy radiates and ripples all around us, and by design – shapes our reality.


Nikola Tesla alluded to this, when he said – “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”


I especially came to understand this at a deeper level, when studying the “Hutchison Effect”… and “Cymatics”


Incredibly fascinating…





Hutchison Effect





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As of this coming spring, I

As of this coming spring, I will have been reading poetry for fifty years.  In that half century, I have rarely found a contemporary poem so perfectly, and persuasively, metaphysical.  Reading it, I thought of T.S. Eliot's poem, Ash Wednesday, and of Wallace Stevens' poem, "Final Soliloquy Of The Interior Paramour."  Ii thought of these at first, but then, by the poem's final line, I realized that neither the poem nor its reader need recognize any peers or comparisons, because the poem is unique enough---powerful enough---and written skillfully enough--- to stand apart from its peers.  

   The poem expresses---briefly yet profoundly---what theologians, philosophers, metaphysicists, and cosmologists have attempted to say in long essays and whole textbooks; and yet cannot say as successfully, as pointedly, and as elegantly as this poem.  And if this comment sounds like a gush of admiration, and of unrestained enthusiasm, it most certainly is that; and yet I believe my response is accurately and validly stated.  And in your achievement with this poem, postpoems as a website and a community also achieves another and further height of quality.  This poem is one of postpoems' jewels, and it will continue to resonate as thus each time a reader accesses it.

Starward becoming J-Called

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a companion spirit


I am, and have always been for the better – peering into your thoughtful insights. You think in way, that inspires, and leads one to discover beautiful – but often forgotten literature. And when I explore them, I am often pushed to new insights – and inspirations. There is no measure of gratitude that I can pen with words… but the humble simplicity, of saying Thank You. Thank you for all the days, I was limping along in grey solitude – and found a splash of colour, and a companion spirit.

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Thank you so very much for

Thank you so very much for that reply, and for those very complimentary words.  I am overwhelmed by the kindness of them.  Thanks for making my day brighter.

Starward becoming J-Called