The End of Night



From the days of Eden


We have strayed into darkness


Disconnected from the source of light

and the cosmic laws

of love,

We have lost our way from paradise


And from the great fall, the human race

has stumbled

on a long and winding road

of suffering


A road of wild fermented pain

of tears

and lawlessness;

A cobbled road of loss and weeping


But we are not forgotten

my dear ones,

For the Master of the House

has sent

his finest Shepard


And he is coming – like the roaring break of Dawn


Stiffen thy body and walk


Into your future deliverance

out of the old Egypt


And let the one with tears


as we embark upon the wilderness


For the shadows that entomb


are soon to be lifted


And the old decrepit veil

of darkness,

is soon to be removed


It is near my friend, so near

as now

the unholy darkness, hurls its final volley


To distract us,


the glorious return – of Day








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patriciajj's picture

Your analogy of Egypt was

Your analogy of Egypt was perfect in this call to rise up from our despair and "walk straight" into a future of Light. With a voice of confidence, glory and power, every line climbs Heavenward as you lead us from a "road of wild fermented pain" (Spot on description!) to ultimate victory. 


Drenched in comfort and soaring with hope, this message is lifeline, a gift. 

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darkest before the dawn


It’s always darkest before the dawn. I remember my grandmother always saying that. And I do believe it’s true.

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This is an excellent poem!

This is an excellent poem!

Starward becoming J-Called

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always happy

I am always happy when someone enjoys it.