Entangled Spirits


For every particle of matter

in the universe,

there is a particle of anti-matter


For every Particle or Spirit that spins


There is a Particle or Spirit that spins



It doesn’t matter where the particles

are residing, whether this


of the universe – or the other;

They will always have the opposite spin


Einstein called this – Spooky action

at a distance;

It is better known in

physics – as Quantum entanglement



Too, there are people in this world

who are put here

to counter or negate, our own divine spark


For many, it is a family member

or a friend,

or a chosen loved one


For the lucky soul, it is an unrelated


That wanders into our orbit from a distance







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saiom's picture



such a nemesis is hard to forgive...


Thank you for the beauty and knowledge in your poem



Tooka-Ra's picture

so very true

so very true

Stephen's picture

Interesting write.

Quantum mechanics is such an interesting theory.

Tooka-Ra's picture

  An interesting branch of


An interesting branch of science for certain, perhaps one of the most interesting of all.