80’s Generation

Free and remorseless, we made

our share

of mistakes, with firm lines

in the sand


And we took the lumps and cuts

and lacerations

of our mistakes, without complaint

or giving way


We had the best music and we lived

in the best of times,

and we all felt it – in our enormous

ego-driven souls,

that we were at the pinnacle

of something great


Though in that particular moment

of time,

we were all very happy, just living

for the day,

with no worry of consequence

or the future


The future, after all – was a long way off

and whatever it was bound

to be,

we were certain in our bones,

that it was bound

to be



We lived in a world ruled

by willpower;

Our veins – were full of the magic stuff

so naturally we thought

the future

was bound to bloom – in the palm

of our hand


Exactly, what we were

as a generation,

we couldn’t quite put our finger

on it,

but we were free and wild

and that’s

what counted most


And everyone was certain – that we were

at the verge

of something incredible;

that somewhere between all the partying

we should, could

and rightfully would – repair the world


It was a palatial moment

of grandiosity,

and whatever direction we went

from here,

it was bound to be beautiful


Or so we thought…


But we were just another stoned generation,

full of dreams;

just another group of hopeful pebbles,


bouncing down the stream

of time






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a small handful of my favourite 80’s song... 



Sting - Englishman In New York



Toto – Africa



a-ha - Take On Me



Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World



The Human League - Don't You Want Me



Simple Minds - Don't You



Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls



Men At Work - Down Under




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This is intensely poignant.

This is intensely poignant.

Starward becoming J-Called

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Ride the Train back to the 80's

Thanks Starward. But don’t forget to enjoy some of the old magic... just a small handful of my favourite 80’s songs – to bring you back.