Symphony of Persephone


Drinking red wine

as a

downward shift


A shift toward slowing


to see, the softer side

of her


Things that go bump in the


with sweet clattering sounds


but oft go unnoticed


the rushed mind of brutes


Yes – it may look

like a moss-covered


to you,

young lady


But in reality, you are


in the quantum field

of God


And you are yourself,

no small



For you too, are part

of that

quantum field of love


A good spring day, is all you


to find yourself


Find that place in the woods,


wines taste best


And begin to sample your

own soul

with happy libation


the wild branches of her loveliness


And let yourself be enthralled

and dismantled

by the Spirit of the Wood


Enthralled too, by Nature’s


spirit of wanderlust


And let us throw ourselves


into the breach of Nature’s Glory


Planting our seed with Persephone's


To outpace the slow measured rhythm

of time

and the long faltering shadows – that creep behind us







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From the title's words, to

From the title's words, to the last word of the last line; with every image perfectly nuanced to the emotion it conveys, and every phrase perfectly balanced to advance the poem with neither halt nor stall---this is one of the most artistically perfect poems I have ever read.  This poem, I think, is a textbook example---to those who are real Poets, it demonstrates the heights of excellence that a poem can achieve; to those who were not meant to be Poets (and do not realize this yet), it demonstrates the great peals of Poetry that they can never scale, and in the shadow of which they must dwell.  I applaud this poem.  Metaphorically, I not only applaud it; I stand with hat in hand in awestruck admiration of both its structure and the its duple presentation of Truth and Emotion.  It is cosmic, like Patriciajj's poems, and it is bucolic and mythological, like Vergil's Eclogues:  and that is a mighty fine company in which to be.

Starward becoming J-Called

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At the top of the pyramid of souls


At the top of the pyramid of souls… there are good souls, truly good souls, and noble souls. You my dear friend, are among the noble souls. And you are one of the fine people that bond this place of poetry together in the hearts of many. And this you have done faithfully, for many years. Were it not for your fine encouragement over the years, it is unknown, how many poets would have given up on the craft or how many fountain pens would have dried up altogether – for lack of a little rain or a touch of nurturing water. But no doubt, it’s more than a few. Because I can say from my own personal experience, that you have been a rectifier and an antidote – to many of my own discouraged moments. And I’m sure you have been a blessing to many others, on more than a few occasions. So keep on keeping on, my friend. Your illumination and cultivation – mean a great deal, to a great many.




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Thank you. I am very grateful

Thank you. I am very grateful for your kind reply. 

Starward becoming J-Called

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this is just so good, 

I cannot stop swimming in it. 

Not one thing out of place.



"We are, Each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another." -Luciano De Crescenzo

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Let us swim together


Let us swim across the channel of discovery together.

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I really enjoyed rummaging

I really enjoyed rummaging through this little escapade! So much in there and as one 9f my makes vaguely interprets as person from the Forrest... yeah I liked it for more than a few reasons. Well done hugss 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's love, but not as we know it."

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A touchstone and a charging point


Nature is the great rejuvenator. A touchstone and a charging point – for the human soul.

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Notes of Rumi sparkle in this

Notes of Rumi sparkle in this gorgeous and mind-stretching meditation that begins with an invitation to look beyond the terrestrial—those glimpses of Love's frequency that "oft go unnoticed/by / the rushed mind of brutes" and what better way to do that than to "throw ourselves complete" into Nature, even Persephone with her cold arms of change outstretched. 


The defiance of space and time itself is brilliantly conveyed in the last lines. And what gives us the power to transcend this dense and seemingly unyielding sphere? You tackled that question with your breathtaking leap of language that shatters the illusion: 


"But in reality, you are


in the quantum field

of God


And you are yourself,

no small



For you too, are part

of that

quantum field of love"


What an elegant burst of wisdom to take us through the portal—to make it all so clear! 


A stunning spill of Truth. What a ride . . .

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  A whirl. A twirl. The


A whirl. A twirl. The beaming sensation in your eyes. If only I could go there, to explore the universe anew – with your fresh beaming eyes.