Echo Note


You had me at petal

though I had

my foot

on the pedal,

and couldn’t slow down


So I leaned into my finest

tempest stride

to catch up

to you


But I tripped over my own


and floundered for

a moment


Because I was tripped

by your

persuasive melody


Till I found a thousand


tucked under my pillow


Silent, alive, and dreaming

like that

brilliant northern aurora


quietly cloaked under the quill

of your clavicle


And me – that Eastern Screech Owl

that spoke

from the dark,

with his eyes dilated with admiration


Discovering I had something


written in my throat


It was a love song,


on a wafer


That I suddenly found in my pocket





Author's Notes/Comments: 


A counter piece to Echo – by Cascade


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Poetic bookends—both stunning

Poetic bookends—both stunning in their symbolic imagery and beautiful flights of language. I love where the inspiration took you in this counter piece and nod to a great poetess' voice and style, and it's so encouraging to witness such support between two excellent wordcrafters. Thoroughly enjoyed this strikingly clever work. 

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This is a good poem.

This is a good poem.

Starward becoming J-Called

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Drawn from the misty blue Aether


Drawn from the misty blue Aether – between Notes & Mediocrity, written by Cascade.