Yellow Wax Fever


I remember our grammar school parade

with great fondness


Especially Richard Kingman


on a piece of charcoal


The week before his family


to go to Disneyland


He was abducted by an elderly man

and found in a dumpster

miles away


What the whole charcoal thing was about

nobody knew,

but the coroner said it was asphyxiation

by charcoal and ashes


Why the teachers decided to tell us

before the parade

I guess none of us will ever know


I remember the waxy yellow look

of his skin,

his shoulders haunched strangely

in the coffin


He never made it to Disneyland

poor fellow


He never even made it to my mother’s


piano lesson


His Disneyland was a June Funeral

under a pine tree

in a beautiful cemetery


Three years later his brother Mickey tried to swim

between two bore holes

in the ice

and drowned in the Clarion River


It was a stupid fraternity prank


His body was found in the Spring

somewhere down

the Allegheny







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Cascade's picture

What makes this poetic novel

What makes this poetic novel piece brilliantly effective to me,  is that carefully placed word, " fondness"!  Ya... This one's cleverly


Starward's picture

That is a very astute

That is a very astute observation, Cascade, and one with which I wholeheartedly agree.


[* /+/ ^]

Spinoza's picture

On the creepy kick lately

Been reading, Stephen King – On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. Put me on the creepy kick.

Pungus's picture

Dark Humor At Its Finest

This one was delectable, like a nice hunk of steak done rare.

Spinoza's picture

That's how I like my steak

That's how I like my steak too. Cheers Pungus