Louisiana Gargoyles - Part Three


“See anything yet Sophie,” I asked.


“I thought I saw it lift a foot,” she said.


“That’s a funny thing – why on earth would it lift a foot,” I asked.


“Why you asking me,” she said, “maybe it needs exercise.”


“I guess it might after all these centuries,” I said and added, “Do you need some exercise Sophie?”


“Yes – but not now. Let's just sit a while. It’s such a nice night.” she said.


“It sure is,” I said, “But that wasn't an offer Sophie – I'm too pooped out. You pooped me out.”


“You better not be pooped out – I’m not going to studio tomorrow, so we can stay up late.” she said, “And besides – there’s a thunderstorm coming tonight.”


“You and your thunderstorms,” I said, “Don’t you know old men need sleep, I said. And Besides – that's only heat lighting out there over the Gulf. How do you know it’ll become a thunderstorm?”


“You know how I know – because I get horny. That’s how,” she said, “And I can feel it already between my legs. Besides – how can you be old? You're only two years older than me.”


“Well – someone like you is enough to wear anyone out," I said, "And besides – that’s just summer heat between your legs,” I said.


“That's not fair – take it back,” she said, "It’s not just summer heat – it’s love. It's your love."


“I'm not taking it back. Why should I take it back," I said, “You’ve really gone and worn me out this time.”


“You better stop drinking then. I don’t like it when you say those things – even if you are just joking and teasing me – cuz I would never joke like that to you,” she said.


“I’m not joking – I’m really pooped,” I said. But I really was joking – because I knew how much she loved thunderstorms and orgasms. And I just wanted to tease her a little.


“I'm not surprised – after that little dinner fiasco of yours,” she said.


“What are you talking about? What fiasco,” I asked.


“Never mind – forget it,” she said.


“No, lets not forget it. What are you talking about Sophie,” I asked.


“You and Jennifer shared a look at the dinner table, when we were having wine. You were remembering something about her – tell me what it was it,” she asked.


“I wasn’t remembering anything. Christ, Sophie – where is this coming from,” I asked.


“You were remembering something – I could tell. Just tell me,” she said, “You were together for seven years – don’t tell me, that you don’t remember stuff from time to time.”


“How many gins have you had on this veranda tonight Sophie,” I asked. She had polished off a half bottle of Bombay Sapphire Blue, while I was sleeping.


“It’s not the gin – I just want to know your exact thoughts, when you shared that glance with her,” she asked.


“Are you having these thoughts – because you drank too much. Or did you drink too much – because you’re having these thoughts,” I asked.


“A little of both, I suppose,” she confessed, “But it’s only because I love you – so very very much. And your heart is my heart, and we always share everything – and that’s why I need to know.”



“Alright Sophie – I’ll tell you. When Jack told us he was building her a house on Nantucket, I felt bad for him. And that’s when Jennifer gave me that look across the dinner table – and we looked at each other,” I said.


“Why did you feel bad for him – because you and Jennifer spent a lot of summers on The Cape,” Sophie asked.


“No - not because of that – there’s nothing sad about that. The sadness is that she will never tell him – because she thinks it has to be kept a secret. She likes secrets.” I said, “And he will live a lifetime of secrets with her.”


“Do you ever miss anything about her,” she threw out – after handing me another cigarette.


“I know what you’re asking me Sophie,” I said, “You’re asking – if I ever miss her sexually. Is that it?”


“Yes – that’s precisely it. Do you? Even if it’s just a tiny little bit – you tell me,” she said.



“Listen to me Sophie – and look – look at me,” I said and continued, “YOU – are the only person on this whole barren earth that I love. You are the entire Landscape that I live in. And nobody but nobody, will ever take me away from you – not even death… for I would sweep across that barren wilderness of death for aeons as a hungry ghost – just to gather your dust and return to your side. You are here – and I am here… and our dust will mingle together forever, till the end of time.”



Her eyes wet up – and she began to quiver

and all of a sudden

her soul gave way to weeping

as she pressed her wet nose into my neck

and convulsed

like a summer flower – in a gust of wind


“Let’s be like those gargoyles out there Sophie – perched together forever,” I said.


And just then – the hot Louisiana finger fog

rolled up

to the gates of the Spanish graveyard

and up over the perch,

to where

the gargoyles were


And with a sudden crack

of thunder

that broke the night sky,


She threw her arms

around me,

with a beautiful teary kiss


saying... "ya-ya-yes"


and just then, two gargoyles

broke loose

from their marble perch


and flew off,


the moonlight







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