Blessed before Meth


Production, proficiency, 

timing, delivery

New fuel to inspire me


Energized, tired eyes 

Dumbfuck-had too many tries 


Reminisce, Visualize. 

My own mistakes, I scrutinize

While pain penetrates & pries

Equivalent exchange: 

one lives while another dies


Losing sleep&mental peace 

Imagining what would be

my newborns baby feet

Taylor's eyes&her teeth

My hair& pink cheeks 


Perplexed, sad, I'm ashamed

Self destructive- poisoned brain

Life may fuck you, mine ran a train


Words ebbed before they flowed 

She was unhappy & he didn't know-

Memories made, none to make.

vision blurry I need to


Myself and my addiction I hold to blame. 

Endless cycle? Or can I change? 

Life was better 

before meth came.



    -Dalmata Araña












Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lost everything and every one in the last 7 months of my addiction and wrote this with the inspiration it brought me. My girlfriend of 4 years, was pregnant with our baby and we were engaged. Then she miscarried and her feelings changed. Two weeks before the wedding she realized her worth and left my ass. I'll always love you Taylor hope you know the words

echo in my head that I could never say. You've changed my happy

place to a memory, a smile, & chocolate raspberry cake taste. Never underest the Joy a summer fling could bring. 

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Damn. Hope you can turn your

Damn. Hope you can turn your life around my friend. Its never too late, or so they say.