I need You

The Dance

The excitement that bubbles

conjures toil and trouble

My poor heart can't take it

The heavy beats of anticipation

I yearn to be your waking thought

The reason your heart starts to drop

And those things you find important

May my smile make them less concerning

I gaze out to eternity

Blowing wishes on breezes of serenity

Hoping my light will illuminate the obstruction

Of the knowledge you lack in my seduction

Your teasing flirtation leave me flustered

Making my mind a windy bluster

And I can't breathe or speak

Afraid my words will make you leave

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The words of your soul  reach

The words of your soul 

reach my soul

yet mine remains in shackles


(agh... I can hardly respond poetically anymore!) Nice write soul...

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And because your soul reaches

And because your soul reaches mine, I hear the song your heart is trying to say<3