Deciding time

I stare out my window
And watch the sunrise
Wondering when my heart will decide
Bound to love in chains and shackles
I can't give it up for anyone's gamble 


Holding my head inside my heart
Pursuing logic to weigh the odds
How do I choose one or the other?
How is one better than another?


Pacing my way to the moon
Deciding if oblivion is too soon
Darkness seems far kinder
Than this agony to decide what's finer


Kindling sparks in the recesses of my soul
Trying to build fire to make me bold
One must decide what is right
But if everything's gray, what can be white?

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Gray Daze

if everything is gray how can anything be black? I ponder these things deeply - be well, ~A



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:) Your comments are always

:) Your comments are always so meaningful and refreshing. Thank you for reading!<3