The Serenade (Chapter 2)


The weeks pass, fading in grandeur
The jester jests but it's only bitter laughter
The beauty I held has become a sow
Leeching off my hope to get out

Two companions join my entourage
One begging anarchy, the other keeps quiet

"Anarchy! Anarchy! Give in to freedom.
The oppressive shackles, nagging disatisfactions.
and noisy chorus' of pleas to be a drone to innocence.
What need of these? What use is it? Epicurean, my friend!
Take what you can get."

Closing the eyes against the onslaught
Trying to quiet this fog
Stumbling, grabbing at life
Watching this awkward fellowship rise

Need, fire, pain, desire
Desperate, aggressive, despair

On my knees, I won't beg for mercy
Lowering my mouth to slurp upon dirty tonic
That pleasure has merged to numbing
And secretes my logic to nothing

Now, in the silent screaming of my heart
My second companion, slowly bends down
His subtle voice, strangled with suffering

"I cannot bear to see this perpetual agony.
My friend. My half. Please be still. Why must
we pretend this is all a thrill? This disguise, lust
or obsession to hide? Trying to wipe away the
stains in red, the sins of the undead, the unrest
of the just, the righteous love, the harboring of
bitter disease? Please make our misery cease!"

Running a hand along the comfort
But fear flowing down upon my fortress
Scared to look at a blurred one-sided-
Perception of perfection: it's blinding!
What little pride I have left
Can't muster the want to give it away
The small drop of pleasure is still there
The 'life' obscured by reality I can bear

Staggering, falling against crumbling walls
Through the slur of my haze
The shock of what has taken
The jester, rolling in mud
While the courts dance among the rubble

Drink some more 'life'
wash away the colliding fight
Amongst the realities internally firing
Ignorance is true knowledge
So here we lull to be unconscious

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Chapter 2.
I know this is a bit long >.< but I couldn't seem to shorten it xD

Chapter 3 to come soon

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