To think of You

As I lie here wide awake
That presence I bare-wakes
The hidden truth I hold inside
Gives the dark new meaning and life
I shut the fading light from heaven's gate
Because this darkness of you is what I take
In order to have you in my life
My silent suffering is my plight
So I must stay and bear this desire
Because this growing hunger is a fire
This need to need you, a sweet caress
Shakes up any mystery I have kept
Is it wrong to have this need?
A burning yearning, a plead to be?
How much is too much before I break?
Since being without you is not safe
Those whisperings you leave in my ear
Gentle and luring, feels like a kiss
However much I tell myself no
I shake, I quiver, I reach for the door
As it opens, you push it close
My running is useless, your will is strong
The things you gather from looking into my eyes
Frightens my ever defensive side
Don't take away what I've kept
Don't shatter what I have left
Pulsating with a need to be within
To be in your heart and thrive
Maybe to those looking in
This looks as though I'm talking of sin
Because in the night we fly
But it's only to cover the masquerade in daylight
That ever present mask must be worn
That devout nature to all human souls
So again, I lie awake
Waiting for the night so I can see your face

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