Keep Away

Statistic (Denied)

I had to break the cross under your nails

When you fell down I put you on another crucible

So I could burn and burn you another way

So I should stop and breath, the fumes that you gave way

Let me stop then, begin the show today

Let me breath regret, and then exhale the perfect choice of today

You might want to keep away

I'm dangerous, contagious

You might want to give me way

I'm shot, I've torn out my beginning

You might want to help me stay

But then you've given what you cannot give

You might want to stay away

Because you never know what I might be!

Can't you see I'm not like you

I don't want to be so god damned new

Can't you get past your own choice

I'm unstable so get away!

I'm so sorry it came to this

A broken parody of visual choice

Will you please just leave the room

And catch your flight to heaven, oh it's so bright

Now you can't get away

Now you've flown to freedom hill

Will you please just stay that way

Now, you can stay away

Now, you can stay away

Now, you can stay away

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