From One God to Another

Hello friends, lovers and all the other various Fuck You’s
With all this brotherly contempt who needs modern lepers
With those perfect eyes scarring my back who needs sharp things
I love you with all the hate in the world
So join hands with me and we’ll share hurt deliberately
If kindness kills then call me Christ
And if nature has nurtured me in careless ways
Let the environmentalist give me a Viking funeral
Burn this weak skin so I may see Valhalla rise
And I’ll let your racism wilt your heart
Until the coldness is the only thing that warms your soul
If this is too melodramatic feel free not to stop me
Let me play thespian, preaching tragedy and comedy
The bastard siblings of the duality of man
Cousins to Light and Dark, Horus and Set
Playing infinite games amongst misunderstood skies

Let this stage Howl for a moment
For it has seen this generation’s greatest sycophants and miscreants
Wasted by material knowledge, surgically dismembering synapses
Lobotomy may be outdated but lethargy lives on
And its king rules with an obese thumb
It has seen the most sincere maturity produce the infantile
And the most unabashed infantile birth tyrants
It has seen a Capitalist bed with a Marxist
Holding court together for nine months philosophizing the Fascist
All while the Socialist is prematurely aborted
Its seen money become debt and debt become money
Until they are blurred and become one as the almighty Profit
Straddles its legs along the lines dividing scarcity and abundance
It has seen politicians put on their faces as they turn tricks
With their three act sound bites oh so gluttonous
As the millions of Johns become blind to all the insincerity
It has seen what was once For You become a waste of words
Where the syntax lost all meaning but like radio waves
It was written, therefore It is and forever It will be
It has seen a bloody thing mend a broken thing
An ugly person make beautiful that which was gorgeous
It has heard the preacher scream social injustices
And the boy preach screams of holy hands
It saw ambition crawl towards divinity
Reaching a Heaven too close to vanity
It saw a man become a god
For when one creates,
Whether it be in the realms of the mental or the physical
Genesis occurs, light is let through and it is good
It has seen the cigarette butt on the ground and it is me
The same stardust, same atoms, same matter
It once saw Us found lost in the wilderness of pixels
Wading through a reality that was never meant for life
Confused yet trying desperately to find meaning
And it once saw You, reading this, ready to criticize
Ready to release the almighty weapons of condescension
Upon my pretentious disposition
I welcome the bruises and probably deserve them
I am always willing to share the artistry of the Argument
From one God to another.

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