The Bar

Swift agility slid through the door.
Her fiery hair light years away.
Walking across golden snakes,
Tempting eyesight for more.

Thunder seeps through walls.
Rain tattered souls float nonsense
Through a collage of vocabulary.
Chiseled faces clung to bathroom stalls.

Musical meditation among bears
Toss silver coated gratuities
To almost nameless troubadours
Singing summer and home town affairs.

Two beasts condemned to devolution
Spit intoxicated point of views.
Clenching hammers waiting for it
While cornered intellectuals speak revolution.

The forgotten father waits for sobriety.
Listening for his soundless ring
Of his only son, long gone now.
Only just a paper cut of society.

Like scratching invisible wounds.
My annoyance is uncanny,
Only to the boneless brawlers
Breaking my timeless tunes.

Selective sadness found a star
Filled with descendents of misery.
Leaving their paradise forgotten
Only to return to their weary bar.

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