We Three

Watch the disease who walketh amongst mere mortals
Watch the bitch who talketh deliriums to weak hearts
Watch the Diablo stepping on the Lost in the woods of woes
They three make harmony, holy trinity of life’s finality…ooohweee

These are the tight ropes, my balancing act, I am Man On Wire
Ready to fall between two doomed monuments, ready to swim in the firmament
As I watch the angels of megalomania fly bye, blood wings painting dry sky
These nightmares regular, the base to my terror triangle, my unhealthy diets
Riots are held within steady fists and immature minds dieing for causes
Wish I could pause this descent but my descent into wax poetic
Condescends the love closest until the love closest becomes the coldest
Feeling I’ve ever felt, these cards dealt with my demons in mind
No bluffs but the edge I always seem to return too and this isn’t scenery
No Monet painting pretty, only the abyss staring at the fraud, where’s Claude
Why won’t they believe me that when the sickness relieved me
It deceived me, life started when the pestilence departed
I found peace in mounds of bloody needles, joy in a bundle of hard truths
Because sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don’t, and sometimes
The distress wraps with desperate arms and disarms an unstable mind
And no sweets will satisfy the drug cries while the devil makes his treats
But I digress and unrest the reader off the unreliable narrator of this reality
This alliteration gets stale and I have air to sail, screams to be released
And deceased to meet and greet as I provide the catering for my death day
I have clouds animals to form as the towers crumble before my eyes
I have personal saints to decry, romances to try, pains to wear
Fear to become friends with, a life and a world to sleep with
But yet I still see my image in the shards of glass I ebb between
Two lovers blanketing me, an evil menage birthed from the ugly tree
We three make me, ornaments of destruction once used to hold the living within
From Knievel heights, testaments to ingenuity now forgotten within apathy
Now they guide this entity, in all their reflective glory, to a home never found
To an affection never sound, to allies that were never sly, I am diffident
So I’ll die shy, introverted to an extroverted cosmos, spreading itself to thin
It’s my twin for I’ve done this for what seems generational , it’s too big
For its own good and I’m too small for my dreams, so I’ll slip, I’ll fall
Tear at the seams, blood spatter the ground with my history
As the dust storm blinds the ones who’ve touched closest to me
And I’ll lay with my sisters of glass, reflecting what was behind me
What was in front and what will never be beyond..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I fucking hate this. This is what you get when your mind is not entirely stable at the present time. I am done writing for a bit

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