Hey mister omnipotent.
Why do you keep knocking on them doors?
Pretending to bring salvation
To a single mother with child support.
The subpoenas are staging a coup and
Before she knows it the house will burn
And the blood will fly and the little ones will cry
But you keeping knocking
Waiving your pamphlets, pushing your ideology
On what is ideal and what should be washed away.
Hey mister certain salvation.
Stop looking around the back tapping them windows.
Can’t you see enough sin seeping
Out of that boozehounds rotten wallpaper.
How the drowning man who doesn’t see the high tide
For what it is.
The end of the beginning of the end.
He still has a few years to go but don’t worry.
All is well here, he doesn’t need your pity,
Your servitude or your pissed down pipe dreams.
But you fucker, you keep on tapping and knocking
And talking your gerry rigged jive across these borders.
Don’t you know the below man lives in these parts
We his servants and we don’t like those light bringers much.
So mister I’m the fucking man.
Why are you kicking his dog?
Just so you can get his attention, to get his attitude corrected.
Don’t you know that his daughter bleeds at night.
That she sees her daddy for who he is
As her mother knits sweaters so soft that Satan
Could just lay back and….chill.
While little sis is in Barby Babylon,
So blissfully unaware and willing to please.
But that dog is a friend to the whole family
And you just keep on kicking, spitting and venting
All that holy steam, he’s nothing but broken bones now.
All for what, that man inside the picket fence prairie house
Didn’t even tilt his hungry head, or raise his cursed hands.
And now a creature of God is left mutilated, pacified if you will.
But you’ll just move on down that line to house 50.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Messed around a bit. Dedicated to my mother who is a Jehovah's Witness....thought i don't think she will take it as such.

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