I, eye, I come with the dizzy dawn conceived from the spirit womb
Where a thousand dead dogs reap their madness on petty principles
And I eat the vibrant flesh of the young with spectacular faith
Can there be a brighter day, when ill say, here ends my dismay
But no this can’t be, philosophies of Socrates says it so 
And the constant fever wish washes wish washes wishes away
My furious future does press on, with wanton worries of a different kind
The mind is a wonderful waste amongst the barricade of boulders and brimstone 
Each wall I break others are replaced and yes the cerebral cycle does continue
Cuff my feeble hands with a steel so fine, only to find a silent tongue
The busy body world of numbers and no ones rotten the core
And I call upon my weary self, to fill the shelf with successful suicides
And you to will see that late hours among quiet qualms shorten the way
Everyday, punctured pictures of relatives, nothing more then natural preservatives
Oh place them high among your sighs and watch your river dry
Why can’t I see, be free constantly and burst blissfully?
Labored lushes, flush away simple serenity with constant idiocy
And day by day, I am slowly eaten away
The pressure of success gives me no rest; I do my best for my stress
The tick tock tick tock clock hangs high on my stranded shoulders
Weighing down, pushing me to the ground, and I can’t turn around
Not now, not ever will there be a time to unwind
I have been blind for to long, and the tedious tide never leaves my side
The waves of darkness perverse my pity into something meagerly more
Constant closed spaces erase my demon
Six billion stories are to be told with unfocused ears 
Six billion brains thinking of fame
Six billion, and still we remain the same
And frame by frame theatrical consequences shift the frequencies
So yes I do come with the dawn, to give a lift to this unwanted gift
And someday you will see this mourning of morphine 
A mourning like the ones before

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wow, this is an old one I dug up, fix a couple of lines. But it sure does show how I use to write back then

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