The Lifeless Forest

Like the metaphysical tree in a deserted and lifeless forest

He is unobserved in the twilight hours of forever dusk.

All while the ruinous pedestrians of the world migrate along

Life’s sidewalks in a nugatory tide, as if committed to nefarious

Weather patterns passed down through the generations,

Bloated and obese on an unhealthy diet of redundancy.

But I, yes I, notice this specter hovering within the masses,

And acquiesce to the adumbration that has attached itself

To this anchorite, acting as a virus, befouling the entity of

Hypocrisy and all its ill fated attempts to measure a man

By the depth of his wallet and his giddiness to hone the sharp

Blade that will soon intimately know a loved one’s back.

It is he that I have manifested within my eccentric mind.

Giving me the efficacy to release and discard the shackles

Of objectivity, freeing me to pass judgment, to wither not

In the face of a humanity parochial and past its prime,

As it slowly drowns in the below, clawing at the innocents,

Desperate to snag a foothold and revel with its new plaything.

The victimhood that was my birthright and unwanted tomb

Will no longer reap the benefits of my timidity and social ineptness.

If my personal respect and code within friendly bonds are polluted

I shall sever the limbs of discontent and cast off the parasite

Into an unforgivable abyss as I wave exultantly goodbye and I will

Continue until all extremities owned are mutilated from my being.

This is a warning to all who traverse through the personal

Circumference I have sculpted out of the cosmos, a barrier

And abode that will only practice the forgotten art of decency.

If lies are your loving bedfellow do not recoil when my mouth,

A tyranny I’ve birthed and raised into a device of torture,

Maims your idolized ego, making it pathetically manageable.

If half-truths and futile exaggerations fritter away my time

The pen I wield will immerse your existence with verbosity

So vicious and methodical, dispersing all loquacious tendencies

Beholden within your frame, until the steps you take in the future

Will be as gentle as popcorn snow in the spring and as frightful

As a newborn blinded when first released from the pleasure dome.

To those progenies of society who are not content or kosher

With my condescending nature, which I have embraced and

Calcified, evade my territory and change your trajectories,

For the sour taste flourishing within you is only but the fallout.

Ground zero is a living breathing thing giving metaphorical burns

To even the most undeserving of innocents crossing my way.

And in the aftermath, if none remain to share my blood with me,

Reclusion will be a contentment I will welcome with open arms.

I will live out my days acquiring knowledge and converse with walls.

But if a few remain; my life and loyalty will be yours, a patron to

A brotherhood I will cherish and hold with much veneration, a

Coalition of the unwilling to sacrifice goodness for the status quo.

This is a manifesto written with eyes wide open, for the disenchanted

Whose minds flourish within a book or take little and receive less.

I have this monstrosity inside clawing at the gates behind my

Cordial smile and calm demeanor, waiting for my personal equinox.

This was but a dream giving form through rudimentary terms.

The only place where I know I can give him life and let him play.

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