Burden of the Beast

When the burden requires a Beast to protect the human ether

A place where theory has faltered and promise broken

Don’t taunt the creature for its impetuous behavior

It is merely a chaperon for lost ideas and timid introverts

For when boiling points are reached within a lacerated soul

It must scourge the reality that has circumscribed the equator

Of a personality delicately balanced in a rueful realm

A place defined by scribes as a certain mental purgatory

Wiping clean all blameworthy social affairs until the slate,

Born anew, can now waver briefly inside self atonement

Such resurrections are rare, a mere breath away from extinction

During the present age of our technological industrial complex

But if one reaches that mountaintop without looking aft

The other side might hold the ramparts of a ravine undamaged

By the incestuous rape of time delving into every man’s heart

A place to become ageless for but a moment’s calming and silent grace

Flushing out all of humanities fallacies within and without

Letting one once again be able to depend on himself and his brothers

Where regrets wither and the mind is released from atrophy

Flexing the unused muscles to further an untapped progress

And the blood battles within the wars of friendship cease

Metamorphosing into a bond never known before

But do not get too cozy with the abode being spoken about

It is but a nanosecond of reprieve in a life congested with discontent

As miraculously as it is discovered it will dissipate just as hurriedly

To once again retreat within the lost crevices of living alchemy

The celestial clock will reset and the slate clean will begin to dirty

Until the burden wares on the tired bearer once again

And he must search once more for that nefarious Beast to beg

It for that secluded time where clarity comes down from the heavens

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