I want to be there at serenities end.

I want to watch the conundrum of corruption

Tear down the last vestiges of the western civilization.

If I could be there to just breath the sinful air

I would cherish the chaos

Hold it close to my heart

I would invite my lover to the party

Leave her a shoulder to cry on as I smile.

To find the humor in the decomposition

Of the human spirit

To tell it “I told you so”,

As I bathe in the beauty of decay.

Some may call me a cliché

Or a bad news charlatan.

To that I will close the doors of communication.

Become deaf to the derelicts of destitution.

I’ll continue to write and become

The asshole of alliteration.

So when the buildings burn

And the garbage reaches the heavens.

When babies are born in cold alleys

And the mob rules societies railways.

I’ll be clapping with glee.

I’ll be the oracle of standing ovations

When the angels of the apocalypse

Knock at your door selling you eternity.

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