Simple Things

It’s the simple things really.

The space between the grains of sand

Jockeying for position beneath your cuticles.

It’s the music that frustrates a rainy day

So audible that the birds join in

Carrying the reverberation to the end of the line.

It’s the embrace of a forgotten one

That makes you forget and dance onward,

Window shopping for sensitive touches

To soften the inflexible beast of life.

Its your blood that floods the cognitive crash sites

With the tepid memories that bond

A mislaid lover to the tribulations

Of that semi young careless spell.

It’s the father you overlook

While hunting for the next experience.

Until the harvester comes to collect his debt

And the misplaced bond condemns you

To a time without end of mental mutiny,

And the bounty is too precipitous to pay.

Leaving you spiritually in poverty.

It’s the places where minds are met.

Where inspiration finds its home

And brainstorms give rise to self-revolutions.

Unraveling time’s tentacles letting ideas breath.

It’s so simple to tell you to value that of which is simple.

Yet its so arduous to decipher the complexities

Inherit within my own living cryptology.

Who am I to say these words

When there is endless possibility captured

Within the chemistry of one simple thing.

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