The Serpent

All these people screaming their lungs shredded.

Bleeding out their belief systems on tired concrete.

No one can hide from the verbal missiles

Penetrating the medium until we all are martyrs

Carrying mischief in our obtuse obese bellies.

Left, right, center; crawling down just to get up.

The man on TV has declared war on all the wars.

A serpent choking on its own troublesome tail.

The great revolution went by and we missed its opening volley

Our delicate walls won’t hold forever; broken before built

The chips tumbling, raining down on the so called freedoms.

Faceless dominoes falling on flippant power politicians.

Newsmakers agitate mediocrity; praising with pearl smiles

As their equals clap for the lost art of journalism.

Giving enthusiastic thumbs-up for the fall of truth.

It now bides its time on a permanent vacation.

And the pundits vomit their manifestos for the majority

Change was suppose to come in the chill November air

But all we see is a barrier growing immense by the day.

And all we can do is sit back and watch as the cities burn

As communications crackle leaving misinterpreted messages.

Spreading falsities throughout, brothers betraying brothers.

Until it all crumbles and the dust collects in cankerous corners

Ready for the janitors of the world to sweep up and start over again.

Building a better way to live these lives

Only to tear it down again, and the serpent

Continues its daily grind filled with condescending glee.

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