The Great Big Blue

I love to paddle my way through the winding world of words.

It’s an infinite ocean but I fear no squalls nor sea monsters.

I fish for prose, waiting for my big break to take a bite.

I cast my reel in the ripples of the last similar catch

Hoping there is a school ready to teach me success.

I come back every season; shake hands with the regulars

And cast away to the horizon on my baroque boat

Dreaming of labyrinthine tales to tell the stars that point the way.

Searching for prepositions within the refuse of the bilge.

With an outboard motor I’m looking for a way out

To get myself in the circles worthy of remark

Only to find myself sailing in circles; all left turns

Where is the right one.

The old ones of this sea may laugh at my empty hands

Or try and bestow timeless techniques to a youngster.

But like all naïve juveniles I’d rather cut my own path

Make better tactics, rewrite the novella into a novel.

I am Ahab and my great big white whale taunts me

In the distance between the spaces on pretty pulp.

And while madness lurks down every alleyway

(Such it is for everyone who navigates this maritime magnum opus)

I will always be a moment ahead of that insanity

Producing these words for anyone with an ear to listen.

Sculling the intimidating blue, along the trade winds

Waiting for the quiet sounds of soon to be stardom.

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