You Know Who You Are

This is going to be dirty.




To the depths of depravity,

To become a literate cliché.

I’m going to sstttttuddder my way through

The frozen winter land of discontent.

This one is for all those “you know who you are” people.

Those walking disasters perverting my atmosphere

I’m making my non-judgmental judgment

And I’m going to judge your mental capacity

As a stagnant useless thing preying

On the children of Generation XYZ

And you haven’t been paying the docking fee.

So you must go,


Fade away.

To become translucent; ghosts of swine

And the bacon is burnt so let the butchery begin.

I’m going to abort you like a baby not wanted.

Drown your mouth with my written weapons

And deafen your pop culture ears

With sharp bloody sounds.

My pen isn’t the sword,

It’s a black hole

Consuming all your syrupy soft lies

Tearing your existence into something manageable.

Destroying your product to become the sum of all your


I’ll dig the hole a trustful six feet deep

Embalm your memories and put you





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