A Beautiful Day

You broke my heart

Like a bad idea on a beautiful day.

I have become fractured

And can easily be broke,

I've become a cliché of love

And in this, clichés is what you'll get.

Can't seem to get out of this lazy boy;

These clothes are unwashed and worn thin.

The trick n' treats of a mind weak

Only soften the fall to come.

And what a fall it shall be.

Epic in its decent, tragic in its end.

I wish you missed me

But dreams are only dreams

And my nightmares bleed into the day.

It was self-prophecy when I said

I'll lose everything without you

Because everything’s gone now;

An echo of grief, a ripple of sadness.

I can only be blunt with this.

Metaphors are tiresome and strength I'll need

To pull the trigger on our memories.

Will I ever get better?

I think not.

No one really can forget such things.

We are all life’s punching bags

Walking half awake through streets

With the bruises of a time long gone.

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