His body has clashed for years

With the never-ending timeline

Of an era of personal detest

That weakens his every step.

Back-broken and bed ridden,

He vomits the beast severely.

Like God kills children

He despises what he has created.

He can't let his heart speak

For fear of misinterpretation.

So he lets his mind tell fables

Of stories he's never heard before.

His angel fell from heaven.

She clipped her wings to meet him.

He ignored her fading smile

And stole her broken halo.

Shamed among the shameful

He crawls to hell to see the view.

The lost look at him with keen eyes

As he paints 1000 mirror images.

Of the selves he was before.

He was damned before birth

For trying to live in-between

The realm of then and now.

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