Dreamers of the 21st Century

We dreamers of the 21st century

Are only beholden to reality's law.

We travel in our diamond carriages; tortured

By the audible massacre of the crow's caw.

The open sweaty and distorted palms give hope

To the empty spaces that crowd out closets;

Fading all daydreams to a neutral grey

Until we few are nothing but eternity's pet.

They may call us broken; willfully unhinged.

Doors that open for the written fantasies;

Myths of a world whose legends linger

Amongst the torn pages of prophecy.

We live in a world where love lost

Is as certain as dew on morning grass.

But our own quests are ours; untouchable.

Our epitaphs of epiphanies as seasons pass.

So you dreamers like me, don't loathe

The lethargic routines of the ignorant.

No spoils can break the bonds of imagination.

As centuries fade, all stories will be different.

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