A mile from destiny's tree

A mile away from destiny’s tree

Trying to ponder my placement.

Bothered by the nonexistence,

I follow jet streams and flying debris.

A mile from spring’s fresh nativity;

Like the first breath from a newborn

I bleed thoughts of a rose’s thorn

Onto mosaic moments soon to be.

A mile from luck’s rivaled counterpart

I reach final ultimatums.

Building drug induced momentum;

A rope-a-dope of this cluttered rampart

A mile from a savior’s guarantee.

Dodging Cyclops’s keen moon rays

My grief crowds congested airways

As I block time traffic too consistently.

I’m a mile from homes tranquility.

An implicit loathed asylum;  

This inner created sanctum

For self inflicted hospitality.

A mile past where tragedy began

I fled from possibilities.

Unlatching worn stability;

Master piecing motions to understand.

Now miles from where all this came to be;

Beast and I joined in earthly dirt.

Only death’s airbag there to flirt

With ruins bound to destiny’s wry tree.

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