Let me be the last

Let the firestorm reign down

On the cars and on the shiny buildings.

Watch the people run

from my bedroom window.

Calculate the devastation.

Estimate the casualties.

Soon it will be time for breakfast.

So eat hearty and fill that belly.

The anarchy outside

Gives me peace within.

I am the apocalypse.

I am the end.

Will you come with me my friend.

I have lost my mother

When she found god.

Split in two.

I owe it all to my father.

I've been in battles.

Wade deep in no man's land.

I've been the arbitrator

For broken love.

So let it all burn.

Crack the earth.

Watch the blood seep through.

Let the insane rape the sane

With the madness

Of their seven millennia sorrows.

Bleach the sky and burn out the sun.

Just let me be the last,

So I can enjoy my breakfast in silence.

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