I wake to find I haven’t slept at all.

The morning air crowded with a dismal haze.

A black caffinated existence held together with procrastination.

Depth perception on point and the smell of busy body perfume.

Silence yet to be broken under the overcast of life.

All must wake for the middle is the end and nothing more.

Stand naked in reflection of a beaten body.

Squirrels at the end are just rodent reminders.

The black and white typos paired with linear notes.

The day to day doughnut fulfills ones destiny.

Oh yes, this mourning was wonderful.

To open the eyes and breathe the anticipation.

What fortunes behold the jewel of dawn?

Will I be carried away on some mystic journey?

Questions with no answers come with moon-forgotten nights

And the half-cup sun pleads for hope.

With three lost in thought, and one with too much

Fear creeps in and the tired eye dims the direction.

Oh everlasting morning bring me your tedious fate.

Show me your wings so that I can fly away on your feathers of fire.

For peaceful bliss does not come often to restless rage

And the red sky only brings curious irony.

Oh you morning of awesome tyranny

Why make the senses so precise for tender thoughts.

I miss the juvenile wakening of cartoon cognitions

And the two who love to play the deceivers.

I wish I could wake to those beautiful mornings.

I’ve missed many, and forgotten most.

Damn you bastard morning of reminders.

If only it was the same, I would understand.

Childhood dreams forgotten under the dusk of lament.

Forgive me father for my morning is as black as my soul.

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