Generation ?

Yellow died illusions mixed with blued eyed contradictions

Crowd the air with useless information.

Cherry filled neglect ions cloud the destination

While nonsense filled impurities blind the objectives.

Suppose I was a poet with no muse.

Suppose I was something that you've never seen.

Suppose you killed without conviction.

Suppose you thought a different way.

Would you falter on your misinterpreted ego?

Place yourself in your tombstone.

Speak my irrelevant words and think to yourself

Would you really want to be in my shoes?

Clock-back the years in search for a loophole.

Minute breaks of silence leave little conversation.

A galaxy of languages, but none the same.

Muttered mumbles brushed away in misdirected currents.

What happened to the quoted us?

Generation empty, here to suck you dry.

Buy our goods, follow our path.

Soon what is, and what was, will be shit.

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