I've done my best to guide,

To support those in need,

For I am acquainted with suffering,

I know how strongly on the soul it does feed.


Though I am far from a saint,

My hardened heart has a soft core,

I shall openly share your burden,

When you feel you can take no more.


Nobody is truly alone,

There is help if you know where to look,

Never lose sight of hope,

Don't let yourself be forsook.


I have many invisible scars,

From suffering through many horrible things,

But I'm willing to suffer with you,

I'll be your angel with broken wings.

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Wing Glue

$39.95. Like the joke where friend jumps in the hole and asked, "What did you do that for? Now we're both in the hole. The reply, "I know, but I've been down here before and I know the way out." 


Can I help? Is goung to be a popular question soon. No jobs. Covid-19 is he 3rd leading cause of death in usa 2020.


Where ya been Pennsylvania?






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Meh, been in the same place

Meh, been in the same place I've been my whole life... SURVIVING... Times are rough, but I'm accostumed to that, and as is my way, offer my assistance to those in need of that knowledge, or even just the support they might be lacking, because I've been there... NOBODY is truly alone.. Covid does suck though, and (I admit) has even tested MY rock hard resolve. but it is, what it is.

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I applaud your use of the

I applaud your use of the ballad form.  That is a form I admire, but cannot, myself, bring off successfully, so I tip my hat to anyone who can create a good one, like this one.


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