Small Graces

Small Graces


Because the taste of

you, sadly, does not last

on my tongue, and the

lifespan of your fragrance

on my skin fades like

crushed violets


my next kiss will linger,

my love, so to draw you

into my mouth and breathe

you into my heart’s most

private chamber


and with the spirit of you

wet on my lips,

I will speak

to the meadow and  

the win the trust of

its green universe


presenting the promise

of your enchantment

in exchange

for a patch of grass

and a tree

under which I may

plant a garden and

deposit my tears


I will kiss every blade

of grass and

bear the weight

of life’s cruelty

under silver clouds

until beauty is born

stem by stem


and every flower yielded

will be of you

and will sing your name

across the meadow

where I will gather

your small graces

back into my heart

petal by petal


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for a girl I loved (and still love).  She was in Europe at the time, so far from me, but so very close to my heart. The separation was excruciating.


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Starward's picture

Revisiting this---several

Revisiting this---several months since I first read it---I find it even more intense, and even more succintly poignant.  I applaud your artistic achievement in this poem.


[* /+/ ^]

patriciajj's picture

This took my breath away. I'm

This took my breath away. I'm still reeling in the swirls of smooth-textured images intertwined with the fire of the deepest love. A step beyond sublime. Bravo! 

Starward's picture

This is a magnificent love

This is a magnificent love poem. 


[* /+/ ^]

Vincent's picture

Thank you!

Thank you!