Money ?

Money ?

They say Money can't buy us happyness
I believe It can't but when a family of four
Fights of three brands of pees
Money would sure help alot
I always said I would rather be poor and happy
Than Rich and sad but ......poor and sad ? ....
I see mother sitting there as she lights up a smoke
I can Almost feel her crying inside
About having no money worrying about giving me a good life
and like anytime before
I would have got up and walk away
But not this time
No this time is different
I looked her in her tired stressed eyes
And say ...
Mom I have a good life It didn't always run smooth but it was good
You gave me a roof over my head clothes on my back and food on the table
And As I said that She looks up at me with a weird look that i never seen before
I could feel that a load has been lifted off her back As i get up to walk away
I say I'm greatful to have a mother like you
Don't worry I have a good life

And for the first time I feel like my word ment something .
That she believed me .

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Poor and Sad

The world economy is bottoming does that in five to ten year cycles unless there is a war to bolster up the swift flow of cash fast and universally. Good times always come back for most, but it takes time. My mom raised 4 kids on very little money in a paycheck, but we had hugs, we had family gatherings/outtings, events and activities with neighbors, church members, friends. I was very touched by the support you gave your mom in just a few words. There is so much help out there right now, it's amazing. As humans, we take care of our own, but some lose sight of the possible. Don't.-allets



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Absolutely beautiful, very

Absolutely beautiful, very touching if I was your mother I'd hug you so tight! Wonderful! Cheers and HugSS

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's love, but not as we know it."

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Thanks !=]

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