Once the world was the center of the universe.

At least it was considered to be, back then.

Then, a revelation in some person’s mind

transforms the world’s view of the cosmos.

The birth of science brought still more complex

understanding of the infinite and infinitesimal.

Yet there is always also a state of calm

between the chaotic periods of discovery.

There are pauses wherein curiosity is satiated,

and the masses accept their place in the big picture.

Except at the same time, nearly every single day,

Nature humbles the human mind once again.

One cannot help but think, that if history does repeat itself,

it is inevitable before the next calm comes rolling along.

Even more astounding, it is unimaginable what

the next idea to shatter that coming silence will be.

Our understanding will never be complete.

If so let us hope, Curiosity, is a force rivaling gravity itself.


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