And I've been keeping a journal

Of accomplishments and several failures

And through the text I can see a greeting

The third eye has fallen in between the pages

And then again I'm hypnotized

By a profound process of thought thrown aside

Previously you cannot begin to understand

The infinite of my condition

Say a verse to your soul to keep it healthy

If not, then be prepared to become a demon

Stop staring at these shiney new pieces of hardware

And move your own god damn feet

You don't need a license to pursue your soul mate

But then again, it's never that convenient

Sarcasm, it's a weapon

As well as despair

Optimism is more like a drug every passing year

And it gets stronger as more people take part

It's dark in this box

And it's getting hard to breath, to move

Maybe it's composed of cardboard, wood, steel, diamond

Does it matter? It shouldn't

Because every person knows their own means of breaking through.

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