Funny's riddle

Chillin and vibin beyond all describing…

Now we’re strangers with bad timing….

Unattainable love that’s got me climbing

Reaching for the light

Never thought I might

Find a love in my life

But there it is growing inside

Loving my girl, life was sunny

Don’t start hating now, It’s still me funny

Advantage you’re takin is not yours

Far as I’m concerned we had the world to explore

Now you acting like you don’t want me anymore

Just because someone’s telling you my life ain’t 4sho

Positivity reigns though the drama is pain

But no matter what I am still the same

Share love; give love even in the rain

But with no reciprocation there’s none to gain

Your mind says Imma be there

And girl you know I care

But boo don’t think that I am not aware

Sucka for you cuz you my boo?

Continue on this path and girl we’re through

My door’s wide open if you follow my cue

Continue acting ugly pushin me to someone new

No love lost, new love found

Taking me for granted just to keep me around

Dis nigga playing slow, how that sound

I keep it moving double time so I ‘m not stuck in the ground

Turn your head check and see unhuh that’s me

Shining and happy and finally free

No issues, sold the news stand you set up for me

Seedlings of an empire grow to a tree

Now you want to get back with me

Much too wise  let you back in just like

Before riding on the handlebars of my bike

Not a throw away fellow

Just trying to live mellow

So when you get yourself right, give funny a hello

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