my surroundings

Unhappy negroes living life

Imposing on others hell and strife

Jealousy destroying life

Of a husband and a wife

Imposing poison at our height of rapture

Wedged yourself, happiness to capture

Lowered our guard, naively involved

Not knowing to surrender our love, you’d resolved

Played mocking bird, how absurd

Added lies to trust for it to curd

Bent the link because you think

That shit you pull doesn’t stink

Wedged a stake in my soul

Trying to force your brand of control

My ventricles busted because we trusted

This jester possessing these intents so crusted  

Give my life to have you back

But in His hands you never lack

So everyday I pray to be

Reunited with my entire heart piece by piece

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Kris Grula's picture

you have this most wonderful individual style, that none can compare to.. This was a painfully beautiful write