little mind

verse 1:

there's alot of places

in this little mind

but not so many faces

for they were left behind

my broken heartless journey

is showing me the truth

now nothing left in me

will ever let me chose


scars------ of my life

break before me

scre------aming in pain

someone help me

verse 2:

with no answers i ask

living in the dark

in the ghost of the past

forgotten who you are

will i ever be fixed

if there is no cause

how can i end this?

i'm tired of being lost

Author's Notes/Comments: 

9-29-09 i don't really remember now what was happening in my life to make me write this. i just know i really like it and really bad wanna see it becme a song that i'm performing in public. maybe soon. we'll see.

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