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Lets see? Well I was born in the late nineties so that makes me a nineties baby, alive and proud, but a late one at that. Hm? I am quite ex·u·ber·ant and accustomed to a variety of interesting hobbies, (That's a lie) most of which occur outdoors, but I enjoy a great novel just as well. I really enjoy bringing what I imagine to life, whether I do that threw painting/drawing or poetry/novels, I always find a way to express myself, which is what poetry is all about is it not? My hobbies consist of exercising and reading, but if an opportunity arises and I am up to the challenge (or in a good mood) I will most likely take it head on! Hiking up in the mountain trails and biking are things I want to do more of, but either do not have the money or the time, which is sort of redundant since I am currently doing nothing at the moment. I am told that I have the potential to be an overachiever and easily excel in activities I decide to take up, if I can simply keep my attention long enough to complete it. Don't get me wrong though I have determination and focus, Heck I even have a strong affection for puzzles and the steps it takes to complete them. I have already brought myself to accomplish the Rubik's cube with my eyes closed and (on separate note) trying to learn a new language along with guitar. (the language and guitar thing failing at the moment, but hey nothing ventured nothing gained, right?) I adore learning about new things and taking on new opportunities, food being one of those things, especially foods from other countries! Mmm! Beyond what was previously mentioned their isn't really much else to say... I want to become a Wild Land Firefighter and would love to travel the world, poetry is my opportune way to escape as of right now aside from collecting comics and I feel this really defines me as a person.
I am just glad I found a way to share my passion with others of that same passion. Oh and even though I enjoy outdoorsy type activities some time to myself is also good... sometimes. Thank you for reading my bio and Write on! As another tremendous poet on this site once said, "Write the stories and we will read them!" ~ Anonymous recognition!

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It nurtured me as I was brought into the world of the living and the center to my mere existence. Aaand close (Bringing hand slowly down over face into a closed fist - eyes closed - head down) -_-

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I'd have to say the poet by the name of e. e. cummings is one I absolutely adore. Initially the Grasshoppers poem or better known as r-p-o-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r is one of my top favorites, by him of course, but I am open to new experiences as well. So be sure to let me in on new poems of your liking as I'll be more then happy to check them out; I also enjoy the Ghazal or Urdu style poems. Staying active is my main preference but a good book/poem in seclusion or as a group, like poetry slams, is also a big part of my life. (or at least going to be)
Oh and Comic Books! :P
I write Poems of Perspective that contain significant details within them.


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