You Take My Pain Away

My babies die
Rest in peace
My fetus's
Pass on
They were yours
And mine

I mourn for those lost
I mourn in pain
For the offspring
That did not survive

I need you now
More than ever,
My love
When I am in mourning
I just need you to hold me

Your strong arms
Lean and muscular
You hold me close
Ever so close

You cradle me
You hold me
Like a baby
I feel so safe
I feel so secure

You hold me tight
And the pain goes away
You hold me
Closer than ever
All the pain melts away
And I fall asleep
Like a baby
So warm and loved.

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Breaks my heart Brings me to

Breaks my heart
Brings me to tears
I love you
Fuck our fears
I need you
Help me
I need a doctor
Dr you