The End

Ten days is ten days is ten days
The end
Of this disaster story
You drain me
And all I saw was red
Red head
Etched into my cornea

I choose life
And dying too
The End

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If it took 100 ide never do

If it took 100 ide never do it again.
One kiss was never worth this.
Never ment to hurt you.
You are who I want to be with.
I love one..
Her name is shana valentine,
Happieness in her eyes
Brings joy to mine.
Addicted to you is so true.
6 months 12 months 5 years.
It matters not who is there because you and skyler became my world.
please there is so much in this that can be thrown away.
Broken tattered and mended a new.
My heart Is always here, open for you.
Laughter to tears to fears fleeing you.
I will ALWAYS love you.

Live for the ones who love you.
Make mistakes, learn from them.
They will still love you.