Walk- No Run, Run Away

It's like
When I want it
I can't find it
When it escapes my mind
It's suddenly everywhere
And abundant
Everyday I fight
These demons
Of mine.

Fuzzy head
I still want a little
Just a little
Bit more.
A little can't hurt
A lot more
More than I hurt

I ran away
I've run so far,
Although I've tried,
I cannot outrun

Say goodbye
Bye bye
By the way
I thought about
Ending it all-
Instead I
Walked away

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No matter how hard the trials

No matter how hard the trials before us the adventure is the gift.
I still long to hold you again.
the battle is sometimes lost to win the war within.
I still love you.

Live for the ones who love you.
Make mistakes, learn from them.
They will still love you.