My Skin Never Forgot The Way Your Touch Felt

Would you do it all again?
Would you mend me
I'm so broken...
Would you glue me
Back together
Piece by piece-
I hope you have
A steady hand.. 

Would you pick out the broken glass?
Buried deep beneath my flesh?
Would you stitch my wounds?
Would you bathe my filthy body,
Rinse my dirty skin

Cleanse my nakedness
Caress my bare-breasts
Prove your love by sponge bath
Pour your love over me like water
Soap me up in suds and lust
As our bodies collide, intertwine
Shower me
Flood my body with your fingers, feel
Our bodies, intertwined.
You held me so tight...

Do you remember
My last breath,
When I screamed out-
My body cries out for your touch
Bring me back to life?
I doubt you'd even revive me!

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This is a well put together piece of work. I enjoyed reading it. Reminds me of some work I have lost when I was in Nevada. I have a few poems where the lyrics were like what you describe here. Metallica sings a few lyrics of cut me open and wash me pure.

Thank you for sharing,


I am an artist of words as well as paints.