Are you that malicious kid?

Who stands in the elevator pushing every floor button in?

Are you that undetected spider crawling under my skin?

Are you the real reason I don't sleep again?

Would you lie down in the hole you dug?

And don't forget to blanket yourself.

Cover up,

With that brown stuff,

While lonely night crawlers keep you warm.

Don't worry, baby, swallowing a little dirt never did any harm.

Besides, your throat is already numb...

Let the layers of Earth sediment

Caress your skin-and-bones skeleton.

Now, take a long, deep breath in,

Make sure to hold your limited air supply in.

Repeat if necessary.

Drink in your black hole like H2O.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

great fantasy ...greater then mine and mine is ..maybe shana became proud enough and forgot me being her best frien... but I respect her and she is considered to be best to me as i said... hope you are ok