Love Amongst Hate

Rebirth, first time alive, and it’s just us two,

Fighting blindfolded my only soldier army,

Echoes chime midnight, my apparition rings, “Boo…”

Caught love more contagious than the flu

Shattered thermometer, lately, quite chilly

Surrender? White flag never wave, always us two.

Oh me?  Too much to misconstrue

I can’t escape the boogieman, truly spooky

Laugh, you do. Sleep I refuse, broken record screeches, “Boo!”

Insomniac, clinically, I call it your evil voodoo

With my last breath, I’ll still be screaming, “Sissy!”

Minus you, it will always be us two.

Go back to prison and barter you food for ugly tattoos

By now understand you make me increasingly sickly

Where are you? Who cares, who? Ears full, “Boo! Shana, BOO!”

Like gum nauseatingly clung to my shoe,

Every atom you harbor is asphyxiating filthy!

She’s mine, screw you; it will always be us two,

And now I’m your ghost, “Boo, motherfucker, BOO!”

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Afzal Shauq's picture

omg... soo loving lovely and romantic poem..enjoyed it very much and recited so many time and copied for my record... again question the way you do like honey poem with rich idea and heart touching effect and flow is very much poetic...greatttttttt